“It is required of stewards that they be found faithful.” 1 Corinthians 4:2

 PLF exists to honor the storied heritage of our church by helping to secure the legacy we must leave for our next generation. It is a resource intended to serve as a permanent mechanism for funding the purchase, development and maintenance of real assets and other long term investments that serve to preserve and advance the core mission of Promiseland. 

In addition to addressing our immediate need to invest in property and building projects for the church body as a whole, we envision that in the future, the ministries of Promiseland will be able to apply for loans and endowments from the PLF for the purchase and maintenance of technology and other assets that directly serve our fundamental calling. Our long-term focus is to build a strong financial foundation that will ultimately enable us to further the Lord’s Kingdom everywhere, beginning at Austin. 

We have weathered the winds of transition and faced the challenges of change together as a church family. As the proverbial dust begins to settle, we find to our joy that “the anchor holds; in spite of the storm…” Because God is still who He said He was, we are still who He said we were. Promiseland remains a “Spirit-filled and Spirit-led body of believers, with a high view of scripture.” 

Our mission remains “to offer every living person the opportunity to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and to partner with His purpose in the earth.” YOU are a crucial part of that legacy, identity and mission——which at its core, will never change. So help us God. 

Best is NEXT.