PromiseLand Students is a place where your high school students are intentional led to pursue a life sold out for Christ. It is a place where young people can make life-long friends and connections that will last a lifetime. It is a safe place where students can grow and better understand their relationship with God. PromiseLand Students is our future.

In a time when our young people are faced with so many obstacles and challenges, we seek to empower, equip, and encourage a generational move of God. A movement that will leave an everlasting footprint in the Kingdom of God. One that is led by the Holy Spirit and inspires our future generation to live spirt-filled lives. Lives that are rooted in the Great Commission, to go out and make disciples and spread the love of Christ.

It is our mission to help create space for this generation to have authentic encounters with God.  To help equip them with the necessary tools needed to have a deep and everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

Reach out to our amazing PL Students leaders for more information!

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