God has a purpose and a path for your family.

Your marriage and your family are highly valued by God. These relationships have a specific purpose for Him. And these relationships need care, tools, and support. Whether you are dating, thinking about getting married, in a busy season of building your marriage and family or walking through a difficult place, we have resources, answers and support just for you.

We offer a relevant, structured and practical biblically-based teaching, principles, tools and resources to address the daily issues of life through the following modules



Helping seriously dating couples move from “Do I?” to “I Do!” or “I Don’t” and how to have a healthy journey through it all.


Serving engaged couples as they prepare for a life-long marriage by laying the foundation of healthy marriage principles found in the Word of God.


Guiding the “Just Married” through the crucial 1st few years of marriage as they learn how to solidify into daily life the biblical principles that enrich their relationship.


A wedding is a day… a marriage is a lifetime.

Encouraging married couples to continue growing totgether throughout all the various stages of life understanding that how two become one is a dynamic pursuit.


Helpng parents follow and be like the Lord as they raise their children to follow and be like the Lord in whatever family situations life brings their way whether it is mom and dad with kids or you are single and parenting.


Serving families as they learn how to honor the Lord and be a healthy family finding God’s rich wisdom when the familys is a step family that we like to call a blended family.


There are other aspects of marriage and family ministry that we know the Lord will lead us into, in His timing and purpose, utilizing ministries such as Single & Parenting (www.singleandparenting.org).  The Lord will provide whatever is needed for His people as we all seek to honor him.