PromiseLand Ministry Opportunities

Pastor Shules preached on the The Miracle of Emptiness, and how God calls us to pour His love into others, especially when we feel “low” and depleted ourselves. God uses our willingness to be poured out for His purpose, (just as he did with a woman in ancient Israel who had only one jar of oil in her house,) to pour out a blessing on us that we could never hold in our “one vessel” alone. 
PromiseLand is a church that thrives through serving: our community, our church family and those in need. YOU are the key to making this happen and the joy and happiness it will bring to your life is immeasurable. We all have something to offer in God's Kingdom! Click the link below to find out how you can volunteer and get involved by browsing our list of amazing ministry opportunities right here at PromiseLand.