Rolling Relay

Rolling Relay

A Unified Prayer Push: Taking Austin For Christ  | June 1 РJune 6

We are on a mission to pray over the City of Austin! Join us for the first week of June as we drive and pray throughout the Travis County area! If you are interested in joining the Rolling Relay click the link below to sign up!


1. This effort is a unified campaign to blanket the greater Austin Metro Area in intercession prayer and prophetic declarations.

2. We are on the move across our city, as we go we will grow!

3. Prayer ambassadors will drive the major thoroughfares in their chosen region at least once from June 1- June 6 praying urgently for the harvest.

4. Prayer ambassadors should remain sensitive to the spirit and drive as many times as they feel led.
5. Improvise and be as creative as you feel. Families are strongly encouraged to mobilize together on these drives!

6. Pray the Word. Make declarations. Speak life. Bind and loose. Intercede for current affairs. Feel free to have a member of your party read the Word as you go. Encourage families to ride together. Someone other than the driver can read the Bible verses out loud

7. Please post to Social Media or message prayer
leaders with pictures and video of your trips, tagging Promiseland Church and #rollingrelay2020