PL Kids Events

Hey Parents and Guardians! We are so excited to engage and interact with you and your kids online! Make sure to Save these dates for all of the events happening in PLKids!

To join the PLKids group follow the following link:

PLKids Events-

Tell Me About It” Tuesdays”// All Day:
We are starting “Tell Me About It” Tuesday!
Teachers will get to post pictures/videos that kids or parents could respond with pictures/videos of their own.

Family Night Live (FNL) // Fridays | 6:00pm:
This event will bring fun events with the kids right into your home! Check the PLKids group for more information!

PLKids Worship & Lessons Livestream// Sundays | 9:15am
We bring church right into your home! Lessons for all age group are posted at 8:30am to help you prepare for an interactive experience of worship and lessons with the Kids. All be on the lookout for Ms. Christina and Ms. Sarah going LIVE with an interactive lesson!

To sign up for Family Night Live you can Kolony Petty at!