Meet the Pastors


Bishop Kenneth and Wanda Phillips

...are servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have pastored The World of Pentecost, PromiseLand since 1973. During this time, because of blessings and the efforts of many, phenomenal growth has included over 18,000 people being baptized in Jesus' Name. The streams of this mighty river have been experienced world-wide through radio, television, the printed word and crusades.


Associate Pastor Charlie & Caren Lujan

...grew up worlds apart; he in Austin, and she in Brazil. They have both served the church in many capacities through the years. Now, their ministry has emerged as one of the leading initiatives into the future of PromiseLand Church, as they pastor the single adults of C.Our.Age Ministries with a passion to harness trending technological advancement into effective Christian Community. Friday Night Life has become a rallying point for many college aged believers who desire an authentic worship experience and Christian fellowship geared to "speak the language" of their generation. They desire to reach the campuses, concert halls, social networks and coffee houses of the world with the message. If you join them on a Friday night, you are liable to hear them proclaim as one voice: "North! South! East! West! Give up the sons and daughters that belong to God!"